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Searching for the meaning

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Being a semiotician makes me wonder about the meaning which is revealed in our actions, practices, relations and texts. What creates the common sense and what are the social dynamics of meaning making process? What is the broader meaning of the logic of a culture? These are the questions which attracted me in semiotics, but even if I found some instruments to apply in this personal research, I still want to go deeper, learning other approaches and exploring additional answers to my inquiries.

At first, I learned to think in oppositions and give a structure to my ideas. As I looked deeper, I discovered a wast network of infinite connections where the structure is interrupted by unpredictable relations. Being human we are inevitably immersed in a vast network of ideas, written and rewritten by ourselves, through ourselves.

I enjoy simplifications of physics in search for the complex meaning. The speed of light is constant and easily inserted in elegant formulas to calculate unimaginable assumptions. We do not see the objects, but only their reflected light in the same way we do not see the God, but only its creations. There are always people trying to convince of their unique truth. I listen to everyone of them, trying to learn about the deep time. Some are just afraid to realize that perfection is not reachable. But God is like a great emptiness where it welcomes everybody and is forgivable towards imperfection.

Communication is my instrument. I create text and explore every medium. Instead of looking for an indisputable truth or false objectivity, comparison is my approach. It is useless to look for an absolute balance. Details, nuances, smell, taste and touch should open one’s mind. Has it really become so difficult to notice the values in an everchanging world?

I am a living example of the failure of a nation state. Migrating from a place to place has helped me to understand the fragility of the boarders which are built and rebuilt in various historical periods, but always can be broken down by new ideas and common meanings. Living together means not only generosity but also suffering, provoked by the loss of habitual comfort zone. People and languages are the secret treasures in need to be discovered.

Art is to tell, to express oneself on a different level. I believe in an inner spirituality to which art is addressing. In the beauty of living ocean feels infinite. At the beginning God is granting each of us, then slowly one starts to give back. This is a spiritual generosity which is achieved in our way. The dualistic categorization of spiritual vs. secual, nature vs. culture becomes primitive as we learn to see beyond. It is the reciprocal relation, interaction in which new ideas and solutions are born. Only then we sense the greatest gift of humanity – the ability to create – the creativity.

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