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Infografika: Zolitūdes lielveikala tapšanā iesaistīto status kriminālprocesā

While working as a social media editor for national news agency LETA in Latvia, I developed an infographic on criminal cases against companies and individuals involved in Maxima shopping centre roof collapse that killed 54 people in November 2013. I used the information made available by the news agency. I used an online app Piktochart for the design.



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An infographic on 10 key findings of the Anna Lindh Report 2014

While working with the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, one of my challenges was creating an online publication for the Anna Lindh Report 2014. Published every three years, the Report combines a Gallup Public Opinion Poll on a sample of 13 000 people across Europe and Southern Eastern Mediterranean (SEM) region, including a wide range of analysis by a network of intercultural experts. It is a pioneering tool for knowledge on cross-cultural relations. Main topics discussed in the research are social change in the Euro-Med; differences and similarities in value systems; the religious factor in intercultural relations; human mobility; the role of culture in Mediterranean relations; intercultural citizenship; the Union for the Mediterranean and regional cooperation.

Such a variety of data and in depths analysis fits well in a printed publication. But what is the best way to present it online? After 10 key findings were defined by my colleagues working on the content, I opted for data visualisation. My choice was, a platform developed by a Latvian start-up allowing to create and share infographics easily. A snapshot of an infographic with some of the main data on mutual perceptions in the Euro-Med region is available below. Quotes and page numbers are added to point you to the full text of the Report .  An interactive version of the infographic on 10 Key Findings of the Anna Lind Report is on the Anna Lindh Foundation’s website.

Posters and promotional materials

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I have been designing promotional posters and invitations for various public events, organised by non-profit organisations and charities. I have also used my photos in some designs.

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Designs, illustrations and banners

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Occasionally, I am designing illustrations, website and social media headers as well as T-shirt designs, business cards, posters and similar. I developed visual identity for Agnija Kazuša’s semi-fiction online book “Trīs tases Ēģiptes“.

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