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About me

If you’d like to find out more about my current project on informing women about their birth choices, please visit my new blog



I believe in creativity. Everyone is free to chose where and how to implement his intellectual potential and individual gifts. When a nation-state is failing to provide a creative space, one should seek for a new model where the basic right of free movement becomes a reality.

I took part in my first international youth exchange at the age of 15. We spent nine unforgettable days in Lithuanian forest with a diverse group of europeans, sharing daily food and songs around a bonfire. It was my first lesson of being human and learning from one another.

I continued my explorations on academic level while gaining an MA in Semiotics in Italy with a research on ‘Translating cultural minorities in media: case study of Italian, Latvian Ukrainian press’. Semiotic tools provide me an analytical overview on how contemporary media narratives are created.

My favorite means of ‘telling the story’ are texts and images. Currently my main focus areas are journalism and communication for international non-profit organisations. I enjoy working on digital media stories – creating infographics and designs, making websites user-friendly, reaching out on social media and producing web videos.

As a journalist, I have covered intercultural topics and migration, religion and interfaith issues, vulnerable social groups, European Union and Euro-Med, music and arts, science and other topics. I have lived in Egypt, Italy, Ukraine, Latvia and UK (currently). I am interested in political and social developments in the Middle East and Eastern Europe. I write in English, Italian, Latvian, Ukrainian and Russian. I am fluent in spoken Arabic.

I was lucky to study fine arts at school, an experience lead by creativity and self-exploration that have a lasting effect on my professional choices and interaction with other cultures. I was once very keen on painting landscapes.

To know more about my professional background, please see my LinkedIn profile. Feel free to get in touch for freelance opportunities and exchange of ideas.

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9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Ilona, thanks for following my blog! Linda.


  2. Sveika, Ilona! Super interesants un radoši uzrakstīts blogs! Ar prieku sekošu Tev!:)


  3. Paldies par interesanto blogu, noteikti sekosu lidzi:)

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  4. Thank you for following my blog. I also studied linguistics, though I’d have to confess that you speak a great many more languages than I do (or am ever likely to)…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Great! So we can probably start discussing old friend Saussure 😉 Apart from that, I like your glimpse of Eastern Europe and the design of your blog as well!


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