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Producing the Anna Lindh Review 2005-2015

Anna Lindh Review 2010-2015

While working for the Anna Lindh Foundation in Alexandria, Egypt, one of my main projects was producing the foundation’s 10 years review. It was a complicated and challenging process of gathering and editing information from various units and teams, creating an appealing and simple narrative from excel spreadsheets and programme reports, selecting images that represent best the diversity of citizens and civil society of 43 Mediterranean countries and struggling with routine summer power cuts in an upper class Cairo neighbourhood while exploring full potential of creative young female Egyptian graphic designers in order to meet strict deadlines. I can now smile remembering that, but it was not all roses back then. Continue reading

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Searching for the meaning

Being a semiotician makes me wonder about the meaning which is revealed in our actions, practices, relations and texts. What creates the common sense and what are the social dynamics of meaning making process? What is the broader meaning of the logic of a culture? These are the questions which attracted me in semiotics, but even if I found some instruments to apply in this personal research, I still want to go deeper, learning other approaches and exploring additional answers to my inquiries. Continue reading