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Changing place and people – a solution or an escape?


I am tired of fighting with people around me. I had a childhood dream to escape to a deep forest and live with birds and goats around me. I could have easily become a crazy cat lady and live happily ever after. I have a friend, a Latvian woman who, while witnessing urban expansion of my hometown Ogre, still struggles to make a living owning a small flock of goats. Every time I meet her, she repeats: “I love to talk to my goats more than to people”.

I need silence around me, a deep silence of a Latvian sunrise over the wheat fields. Just in this kind of silence I can hear my thoughts. Probably it is Egyptian constant fear of silence and empty places that makes living here so hard for a newcomer.

I tried to recreate a glimpse of my childhood memories by taking care of a ‘green corner’ on my balcony where I can lay down on the ground, watch plants blossoming and read a book alone. I can stay like that for days without leaving my flat. Continue reading

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To grow up in a place never being there

IMG_0138“Let Christine’s sister to get on first,” tells a girl to her friend, taking the city bus in evening. The word sister comes to my ears, they are talking about me and I have gained a Ukrainian family. I am carrying a heavy bag, full of the best autumn village gifts – apples, natural fresh cow milk, cottage cheese and typical potato varenyky. I have a silent hope to be similar to a group of Ukrainian girls, who made with me this journey of three hours in a crowded train from Carpathian mountain villages to Lviv. On Sunday evening train there are men drinking beer and probably not only that, old ladies offering snacks and students trying to read in the sound of mobile phone tunes. Continue reading